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**Business Plan Outline  & SOP : (10-20-2016   By: Victor C.)       

*Lot#31: APN (Assessor's Parcel Number) 022-310-050 166.610AC, $54727.98 (2016), Zone: A
APN (Assessor's Parcel Number) 022-320-170     8.715AC, $  1127.56 (2016), Zone: R
                (After thru security Escrow with title insurance, Titles will Free & Clear.)

     (The following will be included in the company's permanent Regulations/Policy.)
Company Goal:
Make every inch of land Value-added also profitable, Let's every shareholder Enjoy Life also enterprised.
Every land - every shareholder. . Are the assets of the Millwood.
1. Millwood Ranch (Property) LLC ( "Millwood"): reorganized companies into a grand total of 175 shares,
    reflected 175 Acres of landscaped grounds (Lot # 31, Lot # 32) (with mountain and sea views linked to high school)
                                   The initial price per share is $ 40,000.
          No additional shares will be issued, unless we acquire more Bay Area Property Acres.
Millwood lands is the main asset and income, the present value, please refer to the nearby house prices . You may careful assessment the value by yourself. Welcome to visit our Millwood at any time. ]

2. Shareholders basic Concept. . Security, Happiness, Prosperity.
                The original shareholders can purchase 1 - 25 shares per person.
Millwood' development projects, shareholders have the Priority right to participate in.
                   Shares can be sold/transfer free between family, for non-family member transaction,

and other shareholders have the same value of the pre-emptive right.
        Shareholder Qulification. .
               A person who contributed to the
Millwood before. . Including Founders / Designers,
                     Working Staffs, Horse Boarders, Tenants, Suppliers, Service Providers,
                              Horses' Owners, nearby Neighbors, people who love Animals and care for Nature ...
First Come, First Serve !!  Once, Twice, Gone !!

3. Lands are the Prime Source of Millwood:
    We will not consider to sell any portions unless the value is Ten Folders (every 8 years as a review cycle),
     and need approval by the majority of shareholders.

4. Millwood income: Act purely as Landlord or Investor with our afflidated companies,
signed Contracts create Proafit-Making Models.. collect Rent, Profit Sharing, Bonus, Interest, Shares Dividents .. Etc.

Millwood  own Lands, Fixed Properties and Equipments, take over existing Millwood Ranch & acquiring Lands, plus own two Bowling Centers (Clayton Valley Bowl .. Concord Ca. 44 Alleys, Brentwood Bowl..S.SF 16 Alleys).
After the reorganization, each year there is now $500,000 income. (Annual income of Return... 10% based on 5M Land.)
   (#7 -  #10 development cases are future income sources, may be as high as $1.4+ million/ year,
   (May generate additional annual income 20%, plus existing income.)
   (ALF,,,1.44M = 600K (net profit) x12x20%)

6. Millwood development Process, we will start our own research,
                    and then hire the professional team of companies, design, construction, management.
                    The initial development costs,
Millwood can be limited to lend the Afflidated Companies.
                     After the successful of developing P
rojects Fund-Raised , the borrower need return money immediately,
Millwood back to our basic Profit Making Models.

  **Our Developing Projects in Two Categories:
   A. Improving:   improve from our  Existing/Past Operations.
   B. Creating:      Develop a new Operation, using our Land/Space, plus our initia Assistance .  
                                                          (financial & technical)

Millwood Small market developing Project: ($100K annual output value below),
    the shareholders can startup program. Such as short-term Space Rental, Mobile Home: Motor Home, Trailer Home,
    small organic Farms, small animal Farms (Chickens, Ducks, Dogs, Alpaca, Ostriches) ,  Beekeeping,
    equipment / services for Rent, Horse-hiking Tour, Wedding activity,
Outdoor Camping, Summer Camp,
    Storage: Mobile Home; Boats; Containers , mountainBike Hiking Lane, on-site Restaurant/Grocery,
    Solar Elec. system, Green House, 2nd chance shelter (rescue animal midway home)..

Millwood medium-sized developing Project: ($100-500K annual output),
    the shareholders can design the program, persude the manager approval.
    Such as the long-term use of field activities, natural horse fertilizer for sale, large-scale organic farm,
    Large animal Ranch (100 + mules, sheep), Equipment / Service outsourcing projects, Mountain Spring Water,
    antique cars / special car Conversion plant, expand Horse Ranch (may add 50 horses to reach 100% occupancy) .

Millwood large-scale developing Project. ($0.5M annual output value or more),
    the shareholders
can make of the program, let the manager review,
    then turn in for Millwood investment Committee finally approval.

Millwood super large developing Project. ($2M annual output value above),
      the shareholders 
can make of the program, the manager & Investment Committhee review,
      then approved by the Board of Directors.
                  Such as the first batch of "Assisted Living Facility". Our shareholders can participate as another project
                  if he/she likes..    (ALF 200 beds, 5 Acres, no need Zone Changed, investment $12M,

                                           Major Investors from Overseas & EB5,
annual net profit of $7.2M, need to pay Landlord 20%, )

 Pacifica Current RE Market. (9-2016)..... Example:   House: 1280ft2 / Lot: 5001ft2, 1963, asking... $1.1M   (call.. starter home !*!)

 MRP=  Mill Ranch Property 马场产权公司, MRM= Mill Ranch Management, MRD= Mill Ranch Development,
  1 acre = 43560 ft2 = 4047 m-sq =  6.59 亩,  Rmb6.765 10-22-2016 Ex-Rate.

 Principle/Vision/Goal:  Security, Happy, Prosperity    原理 /愿景/目标:   安全幸福繁荣  
*this Property make... You Enjoy, You Proud, You Gain.  好 玩,出名,还賺錢。  

  MRP=  Own Land Title, Ownership,   马场产权公司 (MRL)
 MRM=  handle Ranch daily Operation...                  马场管理公司    
                 (Relationship with MRP... sign long term Service Contract, Pay 10% revenue to MRP, act as Independent Contractor.)   
 MRD=  handle Ranch future Development Projects.  马场开发公司
                 (Relationship with MRP... Landlord & Tenant, MRP may act as one of start-up Investors for MRD.)

1. Millwood Ranch Property LLC          (Asset: 166 acres Pacifica Land & fixed Facilities.)  (166 core Shares, each shares initial $40,000.) 马场产权公 司
2. Millwood Ranch Management LLC   (Asset: moving Equipments, Mobile homes/Trailers)   
                                                                           (Proposed..2M Shares,  75% owned by Victors, 25% Options for Employees...etc..) 
                                                                           (Start-up: Cash $10,000,  Equips/Trucks/Trailers.. Equivalent: $500K),
3. Millwood Ranch Development LLC   (Asset:  Business Plan - Proposal, Lease),                 
                                                                           (Proposed.. 20M Shares, 51% owned by Founders Victors, 49% for Public, MRP members has Priority.)
                                                                           (Start-up: $1M, depend on projects..will .raise additional Funds.) (Core members has priority to participate.)

MRP... will be the Core Company, Assets management,  be  conservative Operated, not involve any risks operation/operation,  
                   Except, may  temporarily invest  part of start-up funds in affiliated Companies (to acquire part of the Stocks/Ownership)... 
                                   such as MRD, Millard Horse Club....etc.
Show this one to the interesting parties. Basic, my Strategy for MRP, focus on new Millwood's birth,  
                                                 a Clean & no Debits/no Claims, 8 digits Figures Assets Enterprise, 
                                                 which full of Opportunities, Self-supports & Profitability, plus Employees/Clients/Neighbors relationship harmonized.

Our Team:
Designer / Investor: Victor Chiang (30+yrs Management)
Horse Management: Mark
(20+ yrs Management)
Bowling Management:
Developer / Contractor: Mill construction
(30+yrs Management)
Architect: Designer: AAron,  Consultant: MK Lan (30+yrs Expericenc)
Our Team:
R.E. Consultant: Jerry Wang
(30+yrs Expericenc)
Lawyer: Henry  (30+yrs Expericenc)

 Road Show:

Road Show: 。    Millwood Ranch LLC
1. Investment Introduction..
Pic for Ranch & Neighborhood      Pacifica Real Estate Market     Assisted Living Center
  Misc.. school, trip eb5 ...Schools, Tours, Investment Immirgration
2. Q & A  Questions & Answers。
3. Invest Procedure & Plan。
4. Investment Intention Letter 

5. Ranch & neighborhood Tour 。
  #.1 Hwy> Fassler Ave> Roberts Rd > Crespi Dr> No.1> Linda Mar Blve> Oddstad Blvd> Everglades Dr>Picardo Ranch> Terra Nova Blvd
  (North)> #1 Highway from San Francisco, passing Daly City, after Sharp St. (two adjacent 18-hole municipal golf courses).
slow speed enter Pacifica city, see one Chevron, next one Shell turn left uphill into Fassler,
Shortly into turn righton Roberts, on the right to see the Ocean, on the left hillside several new built five million house with luxury sea view on acre land,
5000ft2 building, the end of Roberts Road, into the Pacifica Community Center (Senior Activity Center), Right turn instantly left turn back to  #1 Hwy, 15OM left turn into Linda Mar Road, on the right is a Shopping Mall. (Linda Mar Center) has Safeway, Ross, Rite Aide, BOA, and one other a bank, McDonald, Starbucks, Pizzahub .. all kinds of fast foods and service shops. . Along Linda Mar pass through historic park, private schools, in the end of the road is San Pedro Valley County Park, then  turn left enter Oddstad Street, about 150M left there is a medium-sized supermarkets (Park Mall), have a chinese restaurant JuFu.
Oddstad ..houses along the road basically no less than $800K, lot covering 2500ft2, two-story house, built 1500-1800ft2, about 20+ years old, turn left to Everglades,  some uphill road, watch the Stop Sign, turn  right to Picardo Ranch, you will see a Gate, entry into the Millwood Ranch.


 LLC Package Selection     800-981-7183

10-6-2016  1-800-981-7183  or  608-827-5300  Q&A 

1. LLC: Member can be Manager, call Member Manager.
2. Max No. of Member: 100
3. Add new Member later:OK, need  file an Amendment to State.
4. Time to Process: Basic Package.... 3 weeks, Complete Package: .... 1.5 weeks,  Expedite: 48 hours.
5. County Name Check: for DBA only, not Corp Name search, may provide this extra Service.               Account:,  Password:  victor888   Join MRP  .

Payment Confirmation   10-12-2016 11:50am   $174.10 paid  4798841022290212 0319 597 94563
Thank you for choosing BizFilings as the registered agent for your business. Your payment information has been received. You will receive a confirmation email outlining the details of your service term once we finish processing your payment.
If you have any questions regarding your Registered Agent Service please contact our Registered Agent Team at 800-981-7183 Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-7pm CT.      It is our pleasure to serve as your registered agent.
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Date: 2016-10-11 13:51
Subject: BizFilings Order # 2526110 - Millwood Ranch LLC
BizFilings Order Confirmation: Order #2526110 

Hi Victor Chiang,

Thank you for choosing BizFilings!

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 After Fill out...  Your Nmes & Address, then click... Save & Exit  

 Investor LOI 

for Deposit  10% ...$4,000
**Domestic T/T  Transfer Instruction:

Bank of America, CA5-148-01-01     (tel: 650 738-4523, fax: 650 738-4106)
 Bank Address: 1375 Linda Mar shopping Center, Pacifica, Ca 94044
Account Name:   Millwood  Ranch  LLC
1 Picardo Ranch, Pacifica, Ca. 94044
 Bank ABA No. (Wire Transfer No.):  026 009 593 
 ACH Route No.  121000358
 Account:              325042372112

**International  T/T  Transfer Instrucion:

Bank of America, CA5-148-01-01     (tel: 650 738-4523, fax: 650 738-4106)
 Bank Address: 1375 Linda Mar shopping Center, Pacifica, Ca 94044

Account Name:  Millwood  Ranch  LLC
Address:        1 Picardo Ranch, Pacifica, Ca. 94044
Swift No. :       BOFAUS3N


Lawyers Excrow & Title   or
Chicago Title  ...  90%


Escrow Account:
  Millwood Ranch

Founded in 1925, founder Calvin Coolidge was the 30th president,
City of Richmond in Virginia,
Lawyers Title was born.
Today, Lawyers Title Fidelity National Financial Group
Fidelity National Financial, Inc. member companies (NYSE: FNF)
The title of the family business, together represent the world's largest title insurance and switching center.

Date: 2016-09-19 16:01
Subject: RE: Regarding the funds

Ling, thank you for your email.


We can work the scenario 2 ways


#1           The Buyer can add an instruction to the purchase agreement describing in the event of a cancellation any 
                and all funds will be distributed back to the individual depositors.

<>#2           if there is a cancellation we would prepare a cancellation instruction stating specifically 
               where and to whom the funds go back which would be the depositors




Marleny Martin

Los Angeles Regional Escrow Manager

Lawyer’s Title Company

7530 North Glenoaks Boulevard,  Burbank, CA 91504

Main Office No.         818 767 2000 X 388

Direct Phone No.        818 252 6038      Fax No.                       818 252 3725

email address:

 MRM  GUARANTEEs will generate Positive Income.  

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1. 马场投資款電汇给誰? 怎麽做? 安全吗? 如果有問题如何解决?
    投資人将承諾款項电汇至美囯信託公司 (Escrow) 的 專項帳户里,該帳户祇為購買房屋專用,如任何原因 交易失敗,会直接退还原汇款人。
Co.美囯信託公司 是中立的第三方, 有專业執照,並受政府监督)
当天 向房產所有权机構 (Title Co.)取得一个没有債務 /索賠 清潔的房產証, 交给新屋主

2. 马场投資電汇款, 怎麽做?
     原 每人每年有5万美元的年度购汇额度限制 10-16-2016 新 法 中国国务院:5 万美元购汇限制取消,首批试点城市共六个

   不一定有直接关係,但一定有間接关係。  所有
   因為每个开案,事成后都要给產权公司上缴費用,增加產 权公司收益, 每个股东不祇是樂觀其成,还要全力協助他们成功。
専案与否,没有限制,但给予各項优先权及協 助,起奌已比外人要好多了。
產权公司不直接干预开案的經營,但有可能透过佔股方式取得监督 权。

**马埸 要使开成功。。募款容易,生意兴隆等。。須營造出一个很好 的形象,現在的重奌是.... 宣傳, 宣傳, 再宣傳

马场投資人, 可獲得什么好處?
土地增值:  投資股权价值: 容易理解, 並跟據当地 地產行情可 估計其現值  (因每股相等于拥有 1英亩马埸的 土地)。
固定收入  現在:  马场產权公司, 在新結構中,不仅是拥有 二塊 土地 (保值用 ), 和二个 已经有赚钱的生意 (生息用 ),  现每年回收率有10%
     C. 固定收入  将來:  現马场各項經營的改進,以及協助外來者的开發案,都能增加收入。
                                       仅計划中ALF一案,可完成后,房租收入一項可增加整个產权公司 20%收 入 。
     D.  協助 创业:   豉勵 马场
东 加入各項独立开専案,並给予优先权 包括: 信息, 選項,融資,包工,工作,其起奌已比外人要好多了。
     E. 活动优惠:     股东可自动享有,当時马埸给予外人最佳的优惠。(BAD= Best Affordable Deal)
     F. 投資移民 :  
东可用其投資款為基敉加入马场 主導或影响的投資移民計划,但需支付相关费用及二級市埸利息。
自住:  马场現有大批空地,因限於地目尚未変更,无法对外立即开,但不限自己使用,如股东有需要,马場可以 經營農埸名義,
                              提供士地给股东低成本使用,马埸本身有 水,全場 Xinfinty WiFi,

CN-HK Investor Plan

1. 豉勵香港,中国 马埸投資人,欢迎來舊金山考察,马埸招待投資人当 地旅游 (包食宿費用)。
    請填上,投资意願書,附上 护照 , 银行存款证明影印。

 2.如 事先 电汇定金者,国内代理人 替他/她订 购机票。如马埸承 諾項目不符合投資者預期可全敉退訂

 3. 已投資马埸者,如马埸承諾項目因任何原因无法如期啓动,投資者投資款 可由Excrow Co美囯信託公司 全敉退囘 ,並加上马埸另给付10%年息。    

马埸中囯代理人    假如你找到 10个投 资移民, 马埸可 以送你一个免费的名额。 或者 5%佣金, 加 上限 5%報銷费用  

future Opertion Goal    11-1-2016

 My Goal....   how to figure out $500,000 Returns
     (10% annual Returns for $5M investment)  for Investors 
                      (for explanation)

     Under new LLC,  we have three Operations,    
              1. Pacifica, 2. SSF, 3. Concord.
        500K /  3 = $167K each. (abt 170K)                                                     

1. Pacifica... now -  
      18214 x 12 - 54728 (2016Property Tax) = $163840/yr  
                 (very close to 167K)

2. SSF:        I may squeeze to get 167+K。 
                   (see below。。)

3. Concord:  how much income / profit??

Brentwood..     Saving
2015 Items Squeeze 2017
36270 Acct 10% 3627
77333 Amortization 100% 77333
11147   10% 1114.7
6559 Bank 10% 655.9
31937 Credit Card 20% 6387.4
574     0
2576   10% 257.6
40481 Repair 20% 8096.2
4293 Rental 10% 429.3
848     0
41588 Insurance 5% 2079.4
32225 Janitorial 10% 3222.5
6060 Lease 10% 606
200     0
1329     0
326     0
7252 Office 25% 1813
2160 Out Svc   0
300     0
3616 Promotion -20% -723.2
3551 Security 10% 355.1
72595 Supplies 10% 7259.5
10475 Tel 35% 3666.25
706     0
167858 Utility 20% 33571.6
69798 Work Comp 30% 20939.4
634072     172708