145 Acre Parcel in San Mateo County - Undeveloped   (one Lot)    8-2016   http://peinka.com/lm145

  0 Linda Mar Ave, Pacifica, CA 94044 (San Mateo County)  

    (info. from LoopNet, Park Asking $1.2M, comparing Millwood-Ranch Park Asking $3.2M)

Price    $7,500,000    Property Sub-type    Residential (land)   
Lot Size    145 AC    Property Use Type    Vacant/Owner-User    Property Type    Land   
Listing ID: 18636899       APN / Parcel ID    036-360-040    Commission Split    10%       Price/AC    $51,724

Not entitled raw land situated between the San Pedro Valley Park and SF Watershed


For the first time in more than 45 years, this property is available for private sale.
This is your unique opportunity to own the ultimate property in the Peninsula's remarkable preserve near Lake Pilarcitos and the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

You will catch the rise of dawn and the setting of the sun overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Once in a lifetime you will have an opportunity to own such a pristine property in fee simple, where few members of the public have ever been allowed.

The new owner will appreciate the Peninsula's rich beauty and observe its natural resources, while benefiting from the property' s endless potential. Current zoning for the parcel is Resource Management (RM), which does allow residential development, however; it may require a conservation easement.

Up to three residential properties may be developed on this land under the property's current zoning. This property also has significant potential for mitigation banking.

The property is a 145 acre parcel located adjacent to the west end of the 975 acre San Pedro Valley County Park and the City of Pacifica.

On the north, east, and south, it is surrounded by the San Francisco Watershed.
The west side property line starts several hundred feet beyond the end of the Weiler Ranch Trail in the San Pedro County Park, and on
the east end, the border lies near the private drives through the San Francisco Watershed.

This is a land locked property that is located about one mile from the Linda Mar Blvd. There is no access easement to the parcel. Zoning information can be obtained from the County of San Mateo.



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  Jack Wan  
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Our Commercial Real Estate Division focuses the entire Northern California area.
We are brokers for Land, Multi Family, Shopping Centers, Commercial, Industrial and other real estate investments.
As a licensed California Real Estate Broker, we pay 30% Referral Fees.

Our Mergers and Acquisition Services have large clients who are looking for basic industries such as Hotel, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Service, Distribution, Chemical and Steel. Recent affiliation with some strategic partners expanded our areas of interest into almost every sector of industry; however, we are not interested in Gambling, Restaurant (except major Franchised Fast Foods), Retail (Unless it is over 150 million in size) and Waste Management. In addition, we have attorney on staff that can perform litigation or corporate law services.

Our typical Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions cases have transaction value of 3 Million to 100 million USD.

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If you want to pursue any of our offerings, please print a copy of our NCND execute and fax it to us at 1-201-816-1255 with a brief description of the project along with your return address and phone number.
We will contact you as soon as possible. Corporate buyers should include corporate financial information to qualify full disclosure of the seller information

We Focus Our Efforts on US Basic Industries

Perhaps it is not as glamorous as startups perhaps it is not as bold as the Internet industry. But US economy is built upon these basic industries, namely, manufacturing, service, wholesale, retail and financial. Our clients are mostly consists of these basic industries. Therefore, our project list reflects our area of concentration.

We help our clients to build their dreams slowly and with confidence.




This Agreement is made as of _____________, _______ (date) between TWK ENTERPRISES ("TWK") and _________________________ (the "UNDERSIGNED").

TWK is prepared to make certain information available to the Undersigned in connection with the Undersigned's consideration of a possible transaction (the "Transaction") involving an equity investment/loan/financing/asset or stock acquisition. This information is considered to be of a confidential or proprietary nature (the "Confidential Information"). The Confidential information shall include the names of the companies and persons involved in the transaction as well as the information about the companies themselves.

The Undersigned agrees that it/he/she shall use the Confidential Information solely for evaluating the Transaction, and that the Undersigned shall not distribute, copy, or otherwise communicate any of the Confidential Information to any other person or entity except as permitted under this Agreement. The Undersigned may disclose Confidential Information to the Undersigned's directors, officers, employees, agents, or advisors (collectively, "Representatives") who in the Undersigned's reasonable judgment have the need to know such information in connection with the Transaction. The Undersigned will maintain records of the persons to whom Confidential Information is distributed, will inform all such persons of the confidential nature of the Confidential Information, will direct them to treat such information in accordance with this Agreement, will exercise such precautions or measures as may be reasonable in the circumstances to prevent improper use of Confidential Information by them, and will be responsible for any breaches by them of the provisions of this Agreement.

The term "Confidential Information" does not include information that is or becomes publicly available (other than through a breach of this Agreement) or information that is or becomes available to the Undersigned on a nonconfidential basis, provided that the source of such information was not known by the Undersigned (after such inquiry as would be reasonable in the circumstances) to be bound by a confidentiality agreement or other legal or contractual obligation of confidentiality with respect to such information.

The Undersigned and its Representatives, shall not disclose to any person the fact that the Confidential Information has been made available to them, that discussions or negotiations are taking place concerning the Transaction, or any of the terms, conditions, or other facts with respect thereto, except as provided herein.

In the event that the Undersigned (or any of the Undersigned's Representatives) are requested or required by law or legal process to disclose any of the Confidential Information, the party required to disclose such information shall provide TWK with prompt oral and written notice before making any disclosure. In addition, Confidential Information may be disclosed to the extent required in the course of inspections or inquiries by federal or state regulatory agencies to whose jurisdiction the Undersigned are subject and that have the legal right to inspect the files that contain the Confidential Information, and the Undersigned will advise Seller promptly upon such disclosure.

Upon TWK's request, all copies of Confidential Information (including copies in written, paper or electronic form) and any summaries of Confidential Information will be promptly returned to TWK at no additional cost.

No express or implied representation or warranty is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the Confidential Information.

Without the written consent of TWK, the Undersigned will have no discussions, correspondence, or other contact with any employee, representative or agent of the other persons or companies involved in the Transaction, and will direct all inquires related to the Transaction to TWK. The Undersigned agrees that it shall not in any way participate in the Transaction in a manner whereby TWK shall not receive an amount equal to the compensation which it should receive under its agreements with the other parties involved in the Transaction. Similarly, the Undersigned shall not allow any Representative, affiliates, related parties or clients to comply with this provision. The term Transaction for purposes of this provision shall be broadly construed to avoid any circumvention of the provisions of this Agreement.

<>The Undersigned acknowledges that the restrictions contained in this Agreement are necessary for the protection of the business and goodwill of TWK and are considered by the Undersigned to be reasonable for such purpose. The Undersigned acknowledges that any breach of this Agreement or threatened breach will result in irreparable injury to TWK and that TWK will be entitled to all remedies available in law and equity. In addition to any other remedies available to TWK at law or equity, TWK may (i) enjoin the Undersigned from any breach of this Agreement without the need to post a bond or other security and/or (ii) obtain from the Undersigned any sums or other value received by the Undersigned (or any of its Representatives, affiliates, related parties or clients) arising from a breach of this Agreement. In connection with any action by TWK or its designees to enforce its rights under this Agreement or in collection actions arising therefrom, TWK shall be entitled to recover its attorneys' fees and costs from the Undersigned.

It is understood and agreed that no failure or delay by any party in exercising any right, power, or privilege hereunder shall operate as a waive thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise thereof preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, power, or privilege hereunder. This Agreement shall be binding upon The Undersigned, its officers, directors, partners, principals, shareholders, agents, affiliates, representatives, subsidiaries, any persons or entities owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, thereby and their respective successors and assigns and this Agreement shall inure to the benefit of TWK and its successors and assigns. This is the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matters described herein and this Agreement shall not be amended except in writing and signed by both parties. This Agreement may be signed in counterparts each of which will be deemed an original. This Agreement shall be construed under the laws of California without adherence to its choice of law rules. If any provision of this Agreement is prohibited or unenforceable the remaining provisions hereof shall be enforceable to the maximum extent permitted at law.

This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which taken together shall constitute one and the same agreement.


Each person signing this Agreement represents and warrants that the entity for which he is signing has duly authorized this Agreement and has he has the authority to sign on behalf of such entity.

This Agreement is made as of the date first above written.


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Whether your company needs capital for growth, acquisitions or recapitalization (mezzanine financing),
our Legal and Private Placements team offers superior execution in raising both debt and equity for our clients.


We focus on three specific types of funding options:


Private Equity

Subordinated Debt with Equity participation

Senior Debt


At TWK Enterprises we work closely with our clients to understand their capital needs and to develop an appropriate financing plan to meet their objectives.
We assist companies in raising capital for growth either through reinvestment in the business or for strategic acquisitions. We can structure recapitalizations to buyout partners or shareholders, or to permit business owners to take cash out of their businesses while retaining a controlling or a minority interest in their businesses.


We accomplish this through our network of relationships with investment groups, financial institutions and industry-specific strategic partners who look to TWK Enterprises for superior investment opportunities.
By staying in constant contact with funding providers, we know the best way and the best partner to finance your company's specific situation.


For more information on our Private Placement capabilities contact:



Jack Wan

TWK Enterprises Inc.

180 El Camino Real, Suite 7

Millbrae, CA 94030

(650) 259-9611

TWK Enterprises

180 El Camino Real, #7

Millbrae, Ca 94030

Phone: (650) 652-7800

Fax : (650) 259-9668

Email: broker@twkinc.com

Member IBBA

<>Corporate Bio

TWK Enterprises was formed in 1989 as a Management Consulting Contractor with three partners.
The objective of the firm was to concentrate on Computer and High Technology consulting. Past experiences including consulting contracts with Citibank, E. F. Hutton, General Electric and ABC Television Networks just to name a few.

The firm also got involved in Co-operative/Joint Venture business developments in the People's Republic of China, the projects we have done in China including the financing of a Mail Order joint venture, the design of an Airport and Fiber Optic operations between Beijing and Shanghai.

In 1997, Mr. T. T. Yen of Taipei joined the firm as general partners and therefore added business and venture capital intermediary operations to the corporate activities.

Currently, Mr. Yen and Mr. Wan are working in the business brokerage, merger and acquisition and venture capital intermediary/fund origination operation with offices in California and Taipei. Our goal is to introduce Taiwan and the Middle East investors to the worldwide investment opportunities including Merger & Acquisitions, High Technology Ventures, Co-operatives, Joint Ventures and Syndication. In addition to the principles involved, each office has a small staff that handles the day to day administrative duties.

Our concerted efforts have brought the following results:

1. Negotiated the sale of a 100 million dollar Plastic Manufacturing Plant, with a 57 million dollar Accepted Letter of Intent. Due Diligence is in progress, anticipated Jan-Feb 2000 closing.

2. Negotiated the sale of a 40 million Canadian Furniture Manufacturer, with a 33 million Canadian Accepted Letter of Intent. Due Diligence is in progress, anticipated November-December 1999 closing.

3. Preparation and marketing the sale of a 13 million dollar Metal Spring Manufacturer, LOI is in negotiation.

4. Preparation and marketing mezzanine equity funding of a 5 million dollar High Tech Company.

5. Negotiated the sale of a 33 million dollar Auto Stamping Company. Seller has not accepted the LOI yet.

Other numerous negotiated deals that fall through are not listed here.


Principle Bio

Mr. T. T. Yen

Graduate of National Taiwan University and University of Kansas in Engineering.
Mr. Yen served most of his professional carrier in Taiwan. Most recently, he was Chairman of the Board of the second largest steel coperation in Taiwan. He is instrumental of many major Taiwan economic infrastructures, including the 10 Year Taiwan Economic Build Up and the construction of the Second Northern Island Highway.

Jack Wan

Mr. Wan holds BBA and MBA degrees. After 10 years of tenure with KPMG Peat Marwick, one of the "Big Six" accounting firm, Mr. Wan and others formed the TWK Enterprises Inc. to become independent Management Consulting Contractors.
From 1989 to date, TWK Enterprises Inc. has completed numerous projects in the field of Computers, High Tech., and projects in the People's Republic of China as described in the Corporate Bio above.

TWK Enterprises is a Member of International Business Brokers Association (IBBA),
Holder of Californian Real Estate Brokers License and State of Illinois Business Brokers License.

 Associates Bio


Sy Dill, holds BS (CCNY) and MA (New School) degrees.
For 25+ years, Sy owned a six office Executive Search firm with thirty or more professionals in Manhattan. In 1981, Sy sold his business and became a Merger and Acquisition specialist in Advest Inc. on Wall Street.
After gaining M&A skills, Sy decided to leave Wall Street and become independent Corporate Finance consultant.
Since 1983, Sy has been involved in mostly small and medium size companies mostly in the metro New York area.
Projects include Business Plan Preparation, Strategic Planning, Partnership, Joint Ventures, Financing, IPO and Private Placement.

Corporate Addresses<>

Jack Wan

180 El Camino Real, #7

Millbrae, Ca 94030

Tel 650-652-7800

fax 650-259-9668

Email: broker@twkinc.com


T. T Yen

4 F 179 Tun Hwa S. Rd. Sec 1

Taipei Taiwan

tel (02) 2740-7200

fax (02) 2740-2009


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A Record/Video Distributor with $100,000,000 Sales

A leading major label distributor to the retail trade

Total Transaction Amount

$17,000,000 USD

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TWK Enterprises

Mergers and Acquisitions

180 El Camino Real

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